Goldkarat Jewellery is handcrafted by skilled artisans spread out over the entire country. We specialise in Polki (uncut diamonds) jewellery set in 22k Gold and in Diamond studded jewellery set in 14k and/or 18k Gold.

What is Polki ?

Polki is essentially an uncut Diamond. They are rough diamonds cut into flat chips and then studded into 22 K gold. The Dhaak of the Polki is silver to give it the antique shine, and hence the customers are told to keep their Polki Jewellery away from moisture, perfume. It is the silver behind the Polki that often reacts to the outside environment turning black or oxidised.

Please refer to the jewellery care mentioned under Customer Care at the bottom of the website.

What are Diamonds?

Diamond is a rare and naturally occurring mineral composed of carbon. It is formed under the Earth's Mantle over millions of years subjected to high temperatures and pressures. 

Goldkarat only uses Natural diamonds in its jewellery. All our diamond jewellery comes with a certificate specifying the Carat weight, Clarity, Cut and Colour (The 4C's of a diamond).


Goldkarat uses a variety of coloured gemstones that may consist of the Big 3's - Ruby, Emerald and Sapphires and a variety of semi precious stones along with Fresh water Pearls. 

We believe in full disclosure of the materials used, and the product description always mentions the gemstones used in the making of GoldKarat jewellery.